Thursday, October 6, 2016

Story of Job comparing with the others

Today, we read a story about God proving Satan that Job, a man who is faithful to God, that he will never betray God no matter what kind of condition he would be in.
This story is quite different from the other stories we've read in the Old Testament.
For one, it's not like Adam and Eve’s story when they disobey God and get kicked out also given pain when they live. In the Book of Job, they clearly state, ““In all this Job did not sin or charge God with wrong.” Meaning, Job never did anything wrong to receive punishment. Another difference is in the story of Noah’s Ark. In that story, God’s motivation is to destroy evil that existed on Earth by having a worldwide flood that ended all lives and home but Noah and his family, because Noah had faith in God. However, in this story, Job has not done any wrong  but is being a subject to prove to Satan that he is faithful to God by facing harsh situations, such as death of his loved ones, destruction of his property, and ruining his physical appearance to the point where he is unrecognizable. Now, all these story have different plots and situations. However, in some points, they do have a few similarities. First, like every story we've read, all the characters had some sort of a free choice of what they choose to do or act. Whether if it's eating a fruit God told not to or building an arc that seems almost impossible to do. Job has a choice of whether to continuously believe in God or curse and hate God for putting him in a situation when he acted no wrong. Another similarity is that these story all involves God acting extremely questionably. When he makes a choice, we always question could something or someone could act so cruel or different. In this story, Job is innocent and faithful to God but yet God is trying to prove his faith in cruel ways to Satan who claimed to not believe God. In another story, God places the tree he told Adam and Eve not to eat from right in the middle of the Garden of Eden, he could've put the tree anywhere elsewhere but he decided to place it where it was clearly visible and available to be touched.
Reading the Book of Jobs and comparing the stories I had read so far, showed that all stories had their differences and the similarities with Job’s story.

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