Friday, September 30, 2016

What do I like about Highschool?

It's been a whole month since summer ended.
Days are getting colder and the students are getting older! So, what's my favorite thing about school so far? There’s really a lot of things I enjoy about high school. My very first thing that I felt extremely glad about is that we get to sleep a bit more than last year. I mean, who wants to wake up at 6 a.m. when you fall asleep at 3 a.m.? Definitely not me!
Another thing I really like is the freedom we have during school. We have more responsibility on what we choose to do and we don't need to be puppets controlled by the teachers during lunch time or class.
Lastly, the classes here are far more interesting than at middle school. Art class is packed with more amazing artists, the music room is filled with outstanding musicians, and students are much tamed. I apologize for all my past teachers, you guys were great but I'm having a blast here.
I really like being here with all these students from my grade. However, I even though I have many good sides, I also have some dislikes moving up to highschool. I first dislike the pressure where all the students are so worked up about grades and numbers. I feel pressured to feel like this is a competition and growing up to be someone I want to be doesn't really matter.
Another thing I just find saddening is that we're all growing up. Yes, we were growing up since the day we were born, but realizing the fact time flies pretty quickly makes me really stressed that I'm not spending my time productively.
Finally, it's a lot of work. The work is about two times more than last year’s. I guess it's understandable because now we're like pre-adults about to become real ones. However, that doesn't stop me from not wanting to do any of them!
I hope that as the years go by i’ll become more mature and overcome any problems that I may face. This is what I currently like and dislike about highschool.

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