Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Uta-napishti V.S. Nuh


             In The Epic of Gilgamesh, they tell you a flood story that Uta-napishti experienced. However, there’s many other flood stories in this world and that are very similar and different!
In the story from the Islamic, both stories tells us that they were warned before the flood to build a boat in order to live by the god. However, in Uta-napishti’s story, there were multiple gods that were mentioned, in The Islamic story, there was only one God mentioned named, Allah. The reason why the flood started in Uta’napishti’s story was because the Gods were annoyed by the crowded city of Shuruppak and said the people there were getting way too noisy. In Nuh’s story, they said that the flood will start to get rid of those who don’t believe nor obey in Allah.
Though in Uta-napishti’s story doesn’t tell us about what other people around him thought about the plan of building a boat for a flood, in the Islamic story, they tell us that Nuh was mocked by the wealthy people because they believed the plan was just lies and threats for wealth.
There were still both downsides of the flood even though they survived. In Epic of Gilgamesh, Uta-napishti and his family was able to survive the flood, but when the ruler of Earth found out, Uta-napishti and his wife was punished by becoming immortal and being sent away in a far away place. However, in the islamic flood story, though Nuh survived, Nuh’s son was drowned, followed by many people who did not obey Allah and was titled disbelievers.


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